At Grunts, we are committed to operating as a sustainable and responsible outside caterer. We recognise our responsibility to minimise our environmental impact, support local communities, and promote ethical practices throughout our operations. Our sustainability efforts are deeply rooted in our values, and we are dedicated to continuously improving our practices in the following key areas:

1. Local Sourcing:

  • We prioritize sourcing ingredients from local farmers and suppliers whenever possible to reduce food miles and support the local economy.

2. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle:

  • We are committed to minimizing waste by implementing waste reduction strategies, including composting and recycling, at all of our events.
  • Single-use plastics are avoided, and we encourage the use of reusable or biodegradable tableware and packaging options.

3. Sustainable Menu Options:

  • We offer a range of sustainable menu options, including vegetarian and vegan choices, to reduce the carbon footprint of our catering services.
  • Our chefs are trained to minimise food waste through careful planning.

4. Energy Efficiency:

  • We strive to reduce energy consumption by using energy-efficient appliances and maintaining our equipment regularly. We are a fully self sufficient outside caterer and out equipment is run fully on LPG opposed to using Electric.
  • Where possible, we opt for renewable energy sources to power our operations.

5. Ethical Sourcing:

  • We are committed to sourcing ethically produced and fair-trade products.

6. Transportation and Logistics:

  • We optimize our delivery and transportation routes to reduce emissions and fuel consumption.
  • We encourage the use of public transportation or carpooling among our staff.

7. Continuous Improvement:

  • We regularly review and update our sustainability practices, setting measurable goals and benchmarks for improvement.
  • Feedback from our clients and employees is valued and used to refine our sustainability efforts.

9. Education and Awareness:

  • We educate our staff about sustainable practices and encourage their active participation in our sustainability initiatives.
  • We aim to raise awareness among our clients and event attendees about the importance of sustainable choices.

By implementing these principles and practices, we aspire to be a leading force for positive change in the catering industry. We are dedicated to providing exceptional catering services while minimizing our environmental impact and contributing to the well-being of our community.